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The CanadaChan Story by N_DONG - 10/15/13 @ 4:06PM PDT#


Hey Guys,

I doubt many people will see this as CanadaChan is no longer on the Overchan directory, but here goes nothing:

I started CanadaChan in March of 2008. It was my first foray into web development or any online project that didn't use a site-builder like geoshitties or homestead. I learned a lot and CanadaChan actually built up a small userbase between 2009 and 2010. Over 20 user-generated banners were created and I even assigned two moderators. I had lofty dreams for CanadaChan, as you can read in the first news post.

Then everything went wrong. I had no time for CanadaChan with University and a lot of undesirable content started appearing. Anonymous image boards are fun but management is a complete nightmare.

Anyway, after dealing with many headaches I decided to lock all the boards on CanadaChan and finish up school. I am happy to report that I have now completed University and moved on to other projects. You can follow them on my personal blog

I encourage everybody to tackle their own projects, even if it is ceating a new Chan site. Despite CanadaChan being a failure, I learned a lot along the way and it has helped me vastly in other aspects of my life.

With love,

4 SALE by N_DONG - 2/19/10 @ 4:57PM PST#


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lol sellout by N_DONG - 8/3/09 @ 6:15PM PDT#

oh hello

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4SALE by N_DONG - 2/11/09 @ 4:38PM PST#


Interesting trades considered.

OH YEAH NEWS by N_DONG - 9/27/08 @ 11:06AM PDT#

Canadachan anthem in the works:

You can help and read more about it here).

btw I farted and it stinks

oh yeah and some mainframe hax occured but I fixed it. if a post or two went missing that's cause I had to up a backup of the site. the hax fix are thanks to

Au revoir~

thpppffft by N_DONG - 9/23/08 @ 11:52PM PDT#

SING THE ANTHEM by N_DONG - 8/26/08 @ 1:34AM PDT#

Our country reeks of trees...

rotate.php by N_DONG - 6/9/08 @ 9:31PM PDT#

Yay, so I got the random banner script going (I actually dedicated 10 minutes of my time) and it is working swimmingly. Next up is an intro animation, and once that is done I am going to commence a gigantic spam campaign that will hopefully end in CanChan getting flooded with angry internet people.

IMPORTANT STUFF by N_DONG - 6/5/08 @ 1:12AM PDT#

The reason why Canada has no auto companies and a history lesson about The Bricklin SV-1:

Bricklin SV-1

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Bricklin SV-1
Manufacturer General Vehicle
Production 1974–1976
Class Sports car
Body style(s) 2-door coupé
Layout FR layout
Engine(s) 1974:AMC 360 in³ (5899 cm³) V8
1975–1976:V8 Ford 351 Windsor
Fuel Consumption:13 MPG (18L/100km) city
15–18 MPG (13-16L/100km) open road
Wheelbase 96.0 in (244 cm)
Length 178.6 in (454 cm)
Width 67.6 in (172 cm)
Height 48.15 in (123 cm) (doors closed)
Curb weight 3470 lb (1574 kg)

The Bricklin SV-1 was a gull-wing door sports car built in Saint John, New Brunswick, and also in Minto, New Brunswick, Canada from 1974 until early 1976 for the U.S. market. The car was the creation of Malcolm Bricklin, an American millionaire who had previously founded Subaru of America. Sales did not meet expectations, and only 2,854 cars were built before the company went into receivership, owing the government $23 million. It is believed approximately 1,500 Bricklin cars still exist.

The name stood for "safety vehicle one", an odd choice of focus in a sports car from the fuel-sensitive 1970s.[2] The Bricklin was designed for safety with an integrated roll cage, 5 mph bumpers, and side beams. The body was fiberglass with bonded acrylic in five "safety" colors: white, red, green, orange and suntan. The cars had no cigarette lighter or ashtray. Malcolm Bricklin believed it was unsafe to smoke and drive.

Power came from an AMC 360 in³ (5899 cm³) V8 for 1974. Later cars used Ford's 351 in³ (5752 cm³) Windsor V8. The suspension was independent in front with A-arms and coil springs, while the rear used leaf springs on a live axle. A high performance V8 was chosen so that in case of an impending accident, the power of the V8 was enough for the owner to pull away from the potential accident.

772 model year 1974 cars were produced, 137 of which had four-speed manual transmissions. All 1975 and 1976 cars had automatic transmissions.

bonjnitro by N_DONG - 5/7/08 @ 7:06PM PDT#

I am trying to get an image rotation script going now, since we have FOUR WHOLE BANNERS designed by the users of CanadaChan. Many thanks to those who submitted and those who will submit. Your creations are beautiful and will be appreciated by everyone browsing the site.

Also.. Since I'm already making a news post I'll spill the beans on what the next project will be: A flash animation for the intro page! Everyone can toss ideas around and I'll get to work on that in the next few weeks.


Internet Superheroes by N_DONG - 4/15/08 @ 2:07AM PDT#

While working on the FAQ I realized that I should make it clear what CanadaChan is all about.

CanadaChan is an assortment of imageboards designed to empower Canadian citizens anonymously through the internet. If there is a problem in your city or small town and you'd like to talk about it (without disclosing your personal information), then this is the place to bring it up. Due to the fact that CanadaChan has no registration, people browsing the site can participate in discussions conveniently and without impediment. If enough users on the website feel strongly enough about an issue, action will result and problems get solved.

That is, at least, what I would like the purpose of Canada Channel to be. There is room for silliness, obviously. Things tend to get goofy on /z/ (and certainly /pei/), but this website was not created to be just another /b/. It is not a website for discussing animu, and it is not a website for posting porn. The other 100+ chans have that covered.

It should be something that is actually useful. Not just a means to complain about problems in your city, but also for collaborations on an array of topics that include art, music, media, etc. We can use it to show people that the internet isn't a complete waste of time.

Serious business, I know. At any rate, try and spread the word and remember to have fun.

Thank you,

The beginning by N_DONG - 3/25/08 @ 11:44AM PDT#

Getting everything set up at the moment. Canadachan has to have its own colour scheme of course, in addition to some unique boards.

There are a number of boards that I'd like to implement but I will control myself for the time being. Once traffic starts to pick up I will add more and get the link on the overchan.